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Marriage & Relationship Counseling

At the Holistic Psychotherapy Center, we understand the complexities and challenges of intimate relationships. Our expert therapists will help you see the big picture of your relationship. We’ll help you understand each other and work with you to develop a clear roadmap for a future together or apart.  

Developing A Shared Vision For A Great Relationship

In couples therapy, people tend to talk about problems and what they don’t like or want. At the Holistic Psychotherapy Center, we focus on building your vision for the relationship, which can guide you to create a deeper and more meaningful bond.

Our couples therapy opens a safe space for you to discover what makes each person happy and fulfilled in the relationship. We help you understand one another’s core needs and values. We also help you feel loved and supported by knowing one another’s love language. Working on your relationship vision in therapy helps you heal and grow and manifest the relationship you truly want.

Our couples counseling services are designed to address a wide range of relationship issues including:

  • Poor Communication
  • Frequent Fighting
  • Unmet Emotional Needs
  • Trust Issues
  • Lack Of Support
  • Infidelity
  • Navigating Life Obstacles And Stress
  • Dealing With Anxiety, Depression, And More

Our goal is to help you rebuild a sense of strong togetherness. Our founders are a husband and wife therapist team who provide experience and outside perspective to help you make your relationship resilient. We’ll help you move out of stuck patterns and move towards your ideals for healthy couplehood.

Our Relationship Counseling Principles


We conduct a comprehensive evaluation to understand important aspects of your relationship, both past and present. We identify negative patterns, mutual and individual needs, strengths, and areas that need to be improved to make your relationship strong and fulfilling.


We do more than just watch and listen. We work proactively, helping you to shift from fighting to healing, enhancing your mutual understanding and connection. We provide you with actionable tools and guide you step by step toward positive changes that will transform your relationship.

Safe Space

We offer a welcoming atmosphere for you and your partner to open up, expressing feelings and concerns without fear of criticism and blame. We want each person to be heard and respected. Our complete support helps couples feel confident to do the important work in therapy. We remain impartial – never taking anyone’s side. Our commitment is to the relationship’s utmost well-being.

Couples Issues That We Help Address

Communication Breakdowns / Frequent Arguments or Conflicts / Escalating Tension Without Resolution / Lack Of Intimacy and Sexual Dissatisfaction / Feelings of Distance or Disconnection / Trust Issues, Including Infidelity or Deceit / Jealousy, Possessiveness and Control / Differing Values and Beliefs / Financial Issues / Parenting Challenges / Emotional or Physical Abuse / Problems With In-Laws or Extended Family Members / Difficulties Coping With Major Life Changes, Such As Job Loss, Relocation, or Illness

Empowering Individuals and Couples

An important aspect of our couples therapy is that we work to empower each partner within the relationship. We help couples balance personal needs with their relationships’ needs. This fosters mutuality and a supportive relationship dynamic. Our goal is to help you both find the value in your relationship, better understand one another’s perspectives, and develop mutual respect for what each individual brings to the table.

We recognize that every relationship is unique, and therefore we offer specialized services to address different needs. Our therapists can address your concerns whether you’re in a long-term marriage, a new relationship, or a non-traditional partnership.

At the holistic psychotherapy center, we also provide premarital counseling for couples who are considering getting married. We provide a safe space to explore and share expectations for your future married life by aligning your visions. We identify blind spots and any problem areas and work them out before tying the knot.


It’s never too late to consider couples therapy. Often people come to counseling later than they should with a bag full of unresolved issues. Leaving relationship problems unattended can only make things worse, creating communication breakdown, stress, anger, hurt, and loneliness. Don’t wait for your relationship to get worse and deteriorate more. Couples therapy can help you change course away from crisis and get back on track onto a positive path. Couples come to therapy not just in crisis. The goal is often to improve the foundation of the relationship, effectively deal with life stress and any other specific issues that come up staying connected and united. Couples therapy is an investment in the most valuable thing in your life – your relationship!
Couples therapy helps couples improve communication, resolve conflict, and build stronger relationships. During sessions, each partner will have the opportunity to express their concerns and struggles in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Our expert therapists are trained to listen attentively and give feedback, tools, and guidance with compassion and respect, fostering a deeper connection and helping you reach your relationship goals.

It is OK! Sometimes one partner is more ready to reach out for couples therapy. Often we see that if one partner takes the first step, then the other will join sessions at a later time. Taking the first step can be exactly what your partner needs to see that you are committed to resolving your issues. If your partner still refuses to come to couples therapy, there is a lot you can do, like changing how you respond and react to your partner and giving you tools to implement with your partner at home.

We understand your concern; we need to get both of your perspectives during the session. Our experienced therapists conduct the counseling sessions in such a way that you both will have time to speak and share your thoughts and feelings about the relationship.

If you and your partner are considering a divorce but are not sure that’s the best path, couples therapy can help you gain clarity and confidence about what to do next. Our couples therapy will explore with you the options for your relationship, whether you decide to restore your relationship, move forward towards a divorce, or take time out to reach a more informed decision.

Divorce can be a difficult and painful process. Couples therapy can help you work through intense emotions like anger and fear and learn to separate in a supportive and respectful way.

We welcome all couples no matter what their sexual orientation and gender identification.

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